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Parliamentary Speeches of Maria Klaus – BIRTH OF IDEAL CAPITALISM – On Wealth

INTERVIEW SOUNDBITES 2 (translated from Aussish) College Students at a cafeteria table: (STUDENT 1) “So it became a fight, you know, because the rich didn’t want to pay any more taxes. So she just came back, in a few weeks, … Continue reading

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Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person I really loved this blog by The Feminist Breeder (TFB) so I’m re-posting it for your sheer enjoyment.  It goes well with the issues I’ve been discussing about INTERMARRY, namely, the intersection … Continue reading

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Book excerpt from INTERMARRY, the novel that promises “The conversation on race has begun. Tread carefully.”

Fiona walked into the dark office and put her keys back in her purse. She was about to switch on the lights when a voice out of the darkness said, “Hello.” She nearly jumped out of her skin. “Jesus!” A … Continue reading

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Linda Tirado explained poverty in a way that you can feel it

Linda Tirado explained poverty in a way that you can feel it I’ve seen poverty up close. I have friends that are desperately poor. I’ve tried to write about this and tell their story because it makes me hopping mad … Continue reading

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Help! VOTE for my new novel cover. Which book would you read?

These four covers are for the same novel. Different titles, different concepts. Which cover would entice you to read the synopsis and possibly buy the book? Very simple. The verdict is in your hands. Help me pick the cover for … Continue reading

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