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6 Responses to Welcome

  1. Gregory says:

    Great Job sis!!!!

  2. Fernando says:

    Congratulation on your book launch!!!

  3. C.P. Reynolds says:

    The Harvest of Reason is a fine book! Congratulations. The story is interesting, full
    of good information, romance, intrigue, honesty and heart. It reads beautifully.
    I couldn’t put it down! C.P. Reynolds

  4. Dina Nascimento says:

    Rhea Harmsen – Wow. Phenomenal job on the launch of this book, The Harvest Of Reason. I ordered it as soon as my Mom told me it had been published. This book was beautiful – definitely much more than just a story of romance in the face of adversity. All of the characters are interesting and quite memorable; and, I truly admired the strength of conviction displayed by the protagonists. There were so many intriguing elements in this story, and the detail in the telling of it was exquisite. I really liked the contrast between the intellectual academic environment the story takes place in, and the prejudice and ignorance that is still inherent within the minds of many of the “intellects” in that environment. This is a well crafted story, that is further enhanced by the eloquent and poetic style of Rhea Harmsen’s writing. This book should be a MUST READ for all.

  5. oakritchie says:

    Very interesting topic, sister! Pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to conversing as we move along!

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