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Grandpa Ed was badass

Grandpa Ed was badass Yeah. Forgive the word badass, it doesn’t come easy to my generation. But it is, in fact, the word that fits. And I thank the generation that coined it. In 1954 my father, Edward James Howard, … Continue reading

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The World is Getting Better, not Worse – Unity of Thought in World Undertakings

The World is Getting Better, not Worse – Unity of Thought in World Undertakings The world is getting better, not worse. It can be proven. By measuring the increase in something called “unity of thought in world undertakings.” Whenever all … Continue reading

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The Romantic Protagonist of the 21st Century

  By Rhea Harmsen The romantic protagonist of the 21st century is struggling with isolation, social anxiety and moral angst. He or she swings between manic optimism and hope on the one hand, and the chronic, debilitating questioning of meaning … Continue reading

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Wretchedness and Misery

Painting by Lua Harmsen Release yourselves, O nightingales of God, from the thorns and brambles of wretchedness and misery, and wing your flight to the rose-garden of unfading splendor. O My friends that dwell upon the dust! Haste forth unto … Continue reading

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