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Isaiah’s Longing

Climbing up a mountain they are coming all the nations coming. Up white steps of marble beat of drumming, water humming spilling fountains. They are climbing eyes a’shining. Sun glistening on ebony tears streaming from blue iris jet hair flowing … Continue reading

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That day

I wish I could enshrine that dayIn my mind, nay, in my soulAnd share it still.It was a perfect dayA day in which I drank my fill.And store for a time to comeWhen we shall no longer beTogether as one. … Continue reading

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Black Feminism on the Fourth of July

When is a slave no longer a slave? Is it when she thinks she is free? Is it when time no longer has relevancy? No, the twenty-first century Does not free me. When there’s a pandemic and I become The … Continue reading

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Did the corona virus just save the Earth?

by Rhea and Eric Harmsen A recent picture taken of the atmosphere over Italy just showed a significant decrease in pollution over that country, correlated with its coronavirus lockdown. It even talked of fish and dolphins coming back into the … Continue reading

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Reframing Motherhood in the Context of Equality: The right to health

Originally posted on Rhea Harmsen:
MOTHER’S RIGHTS, segment 2 of 5 (see previous post) REFRAMING MOTHERHOOD IN THE CONTEXT OF EQUALITY The Right to Health The low priority afforded worldwide to the health of mothers is a fact wholly incongruous…

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What are the rights of mothers?

Originally posted on Rhea Harmsen:
How important is motherhood to us as a society? I want to generate a dialogue on how our global society views, upholds or defends the rights of mothers. During the next 5 days I will…

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The cat that sits

The cat that sits The cat that sits in the kitchen floor Has refused to go out when I open the door He does not meow but will not be swayed He wants his food poured in his plate How … Continue reading

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Raised from the Dayspring of Grandeur

Reflecting on the day’s sad buzzword, which is so heartbreaking. There are historic reasons for the state of nations. There will be an accounting, where some will be shown to have grandeur and some will be found wanting. Raised from … Continue reading

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Grandpa Ed was badass

Grandpa Ed was badass Yeah. Forgive the word badass, it doesn’t come easy to my generation. But it is, in fact, the word that fits. And I thank the generation that coined it. In 1954 my father, Edward James Howard, … Continue reading

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Race in America: My Reflections on “The Present Crisis”

Poetry is all I have to offer today when my country is in such turmoil. I write a lot about race unity, hoping to spread hope. Wherever there is a thought of hate, replace it with a thought of love. … Continue reading

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