Help! VOTE for my new novel cover. Which book would you read?

Cover for the novel called DEFENDERTrespass Against Us CoverViolencia and Justice CoverThe Morn of Salvation CoverThese four covers are for the same novel. Different titles, different concepts. Which cover would entice you to read the synopsis and possibly buy the book?

Very simple. The verdict is in your hands. Help me pick the cover for my new novel.

I’m including the synopsis below but perhaps you shouldn’t read it until you vote.



by Rhea Harmsen

Elena has all the sweetness and femininity that her money and social position…make irresistible. So she’s the jewel a Puerto Rican boy covets to crown his dreams. But her life revolves around a carefully concealed lie and all her goodness cannot save her. She learns early on that only bad girls can keep the devil at bay.

Joel Torres is the heartthrob a girl dreams of meeting on the dance floor and taking home to Mami. He’s got everything going for him and all of it paid for with his own sweat. But he’s also got an ominous past he cannot escape. And he’s not sure if machismo is an outdated concept or the only way to keep his family safe.

Both Joel and Elena are fleeing the intoxication of true love; both are feeling the bite of hand-me-down shame. Both are keeping secrets to conceal their rage. Where is the end to darkness? Where will the dawn come from? If love is not enough, and even desire can’t take you there, then only truth can end the generations of pain.

About rheaharmsen

Rhea Harmsen is a scientist, novelist and author of Language of the Spirit, a volume of selected poems. She has also released three novels, The Harvest of Reason, Intermarry, and God Created Women. Harmsen was born in a family with a black father and a white mother at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal in some states. Her parents gave her a vision of world citizenship that informs her writing and her lifestyle and has caused her to reject traditional views of race and gender. Harmsen's article "Science in the Hands of Women: Present Barriers, Future Promise" appeared in World Order in 1998 and provides the foundation for the story line for her novel The Harvest of Reason. She co-published the Monroeville Race Unity Forum Bulletin and authored many poems on racial topics, crystallizing the "conversation on race" in the novel Intermarry. Her work with domestic violence survivors in Puerto Rico inspired the novel God Created Women. Harmsen holds a doctorate in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in Puerto Rico. Upcomming projects are described in her web page at
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10 Responses to Help! VOTE for my new novel cover. Which book would you read?

  1. judibehrendt says:

    Hi Rhea, I like the cover design and colors best of number 3, but after reading the synopsis I think the last one, the Morn of Salvation, fits the theme best. Best of luck to you! Judi Behrendt Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:41:44 +0000 To:

  2. kekalantar says:

    I vote for the first cover – Be an upholder and DEFENDER of the victims of depression

  3. carolyn reynolds says:

    I like the first two best. Is that Justice on the cover of book #1? Hugs, Carolyn

    Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 20:41:44 +0000 To:

  4. Joyce says:

    Rhea, I like Morn of Salvation.It’s very gripping, something I want to find out about. It is more positive then the trespass against us that is also very compelling. The other two are somewhat confusing to me.

  5. Tony Scimeca says:

    OK, Got it now. Art work of #4, with title of #1. I would leave out “Be an upholder and” Unless it’s a how to book. Which in that case can be a draw for Batman & Bat woman want to be’s. To pick one from stock, just as they are I’ll go with #4.

  6. Tajalli says:

    Hi Rhea,
    I really like the 3rd cover and the 4th title. Violencia and justice sounds a bit like a text book to me. My second choice would be the 4th cover and 4th title.

  7. Dara Shaw says:

    I like number 3.
    Dara Shaw

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