Futurism, I love it. Here’s another victory for direct publishing.

It often amazes me to reflect on the future. It used to overwhelm me to think of how I could keep up with the technological explosion. My kids were always ahead of me, my husband was having to take me by the hand and almost drag me into the next evolution of phones and televisions and computers.

But I’m not afraid of it anymore because I’ve started to ride the wave myself. Granted, I’m just a baby, but I do get excited at the possibilities. By focusing on the future, on the imagination of where we are going I can see the positive end of things instead of fearing the change, cowering at the prospect of trying to keep up. I can see that it is actually a great time to be alive and that all this new technology might actually enable me, Rhea Harmsen, to fulfill my dreams.

For anyone who has spent a considerable part of their life writing and trying to get published, with mixed or negative success, you have to realize we are now living in the age where it is all possible. The winds are at our back. The only thing that can stop us from sharing our thoughts with the world now is our own inertia, procrastination, fear and lack of encouragement. Granted, these are still some pretty big battles to fight but at least we don’t have to go thru years and years of rejection letters from publishers and agents, or ask permission from them. It was a catch 22 situation because publishers wouldn’t take your submissions unless it came from your agent and agents wouldn’t represent you unless you were published already or were some sort of celebrity.

So, new generation, do you even realize that the world is at your fingertips? Or, in your keyboard?

I would say to those who are still standing on the edge of the river, jump in. Jump in any way you can, you will learn as you go, the current will take you. Just make sure you have a product that contributes to the betterment of the world. By “the world” I mean, the individuals in it, the families, the communities, the countries, the world. This is what we’re about, this is what makes us human. We are social, we like to help each other. And you can start by tweeting your thoughts, blogging your ideas and poems, writing articles, making up stories for children, youth and grownups, compiling wisdom, showing people how to do things, gathering information for them, whatever.

You know something that others don’t. You have something to say that no one else has ever thought of. Sometimes we don’t know what it is. Maybe you should ask your friends. Maybe they will tell you that you’re a really good life coach, that you can show them how to live day by day and not sweat the small stuff. Maybe they will tell you that you help them laugh, and relax, you know which movies to go see and what’s good about them. Or perhaps you’re the guy who helps them understand new trends and tech stuff. Perhaps they can see that you have a knack for social justice and can make others aware of things they were ignorant of.

Anyhow, I guess what I’m really trying to say is that web technology, digital technology is a powerful tool with which to influence the world. Even though it can also be a powerful tool for doing evil things, it can be used by the good guys to great effect. We have to think of all the possible ways that we can magnify the good currents, waves, ideologies, inclinations, forces, etc. You know? Vee can do it!

What are we aiming for? We are aiming for “Unity of thought in world undertakings.” Uniting people around ideas. This is described as one of the Seven Candles of Unity, which will lead eventually to world unity. Yeah, world unity. It is still possible, in fact, it is inevitable. If we survive and don’t blow ourselves up, it will be because we have learned to live together. How’s that for irrefutable logic?

Anyhow, I’ve strayed a little from my original theme. Futurism. Direct publishing. I wanted to share two articles that gave me hope. One is about a woman who “made it” as a writer by direct publishing and the other is the news that some bookstores will print on demand on site.  Enjoy!  This is like candy.

Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online | Books | The Guardian

You’ll soon be able to print a book on the fly at Powell’s | Business | Portland City Center News



About rheaharmsen

Rhea Harmsen is a scientist, novelist and author of Language of the Spirit, a volume of selected poems. She has also released three novels, The Harvest of Reason, Intermarry, and God Created Women. Harmsen was born in a family with a black father and a white mother at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal in some states. Her parents gave her a vision of world citizenship that informs her writing and her lifestyle and has caused her to reject traditional views of race and gender. Harmsen's article "Science in the Hands of Women: Present Barriers, Future Promise" appeared in World Order in 1998 and provides the foundation for the story line for her novel The Harvest of Reason. She co-published the Monroeville Race Unity Forum Bulletin and authored many poems on racial topics, crystallizing the "conversation on race" in the novel Intermarry. Her work with domestic violence survivors in Puerto Rico inspired the novel God Created Women. Harmsen holds a doctorate in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in Puerto Rico. Upcomming projects are described in her web page at rheaharmsen.com
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